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Safeguarding Public Assets with Expert Claim Management

At Brennan Adjusters, we understand the critical role that municipalities play in the community. Our dedicated public adjuster services for municipal clients are designed to protect and restore public assets with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. When disasters strike—be it natural or man-made—our team is equipped to ensure that your municipality’s claims are handled with the expertise and urgency they require.

Navigating Complex Claims for Municipalities

Municipal insurance claims can be particularly complex, involving multiple stakeholders and intricate policy details. With our talented team of former insurance carrier adjusters, Brennan Adjusters brings a comprehensive understanding of these complexities. We have extensive experience in managing claims related to city halls, schools, water towers, and other critical infrastructure, making us uniquely qualified to navigate the challenges specific to public properties.

Our Specialized Services Include:

  • Thorough Policy Review: We begin with a comprehensive assessment of your insurance policies to identify all coverage aspects, including often-overlooked provisions that could significantly reduce your reimbursement.

  • Damage Assessment and Documentation: Our team conducts detailed inspections to accurately document the precise damage to your property which forms the crucial foundation of your claim and guarantees you are reimbursed for every loss.  

  • Claim Preparation and Filing: Leveraging our deep industry knowledge, we prepare and file your claim to capture the full scope of the damage and associated costs, advocating for every dollar your municipality is entitled to.

  • Ongoing Communication and Coordination: We keep all stakeholders informed throughout the claims process. Our adjusters coordinate with municipal officials, engineers, and repair contractors to ensure a unified approach to restoring your facilities.

  • Settlement Negotiation: With a robust track record of negotiating favorable settlements, our team works diligently to resolve claims efficiently, reducing the financial impact on municipal budgets and taxpayers.

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If your municipality is facing an insurance claim, choose Brennan Adjusters for professional, experienced claim management. We are committed to protecting public assets and ensuring that communities can recover and thrive after loss. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your municipality,